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Morning practice

Wake feel eyes opening Heart beat and breath

Eg weight of doona in morning Taking a moment to be grateful you are alive and live another day no phone

5min meditation belly breathing Set intention for the day. Use daily routine as check ins Feet on carpet, walking yo bathroom, cold tap Use shower as cleansing away negativity And self love massage when washing Bring grateful for our senses Did you tell your heart to beat today? Choose clothes that feel good against your skin and colours of clothes that uplift you Use breakfast as a mindful moment eat nourishing food Choose a special mindful mug or cup to drink from Feel the warmth of the tea notice the colours and patterns on the cup

Feel the suds when washing dishes If you have time to read this on social media then you have time to practice mindfulness Sync breath with walking connect with yourself your heart and body While driving re set hands on the wheel to check in Mental reversal for a smooth day ahead Cover your body in imaginary Teflon of in a protective bubble so no matter what tries to take your energy away will not penetrate. You choose who where what and why you surround yourself with certain energy. At work: Greet people with a living intention and make eye contact Use sitting in your chair as a check in, picking up your pen and switching on your computer


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