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Is your child struggling to maintain their concentration?  Are they impatient, prone to being easily distracted at school and at home?  You are not alone.

We are living in a time with so much distraction, where everything seems to happen right away, where there is little opportunity for your child to be still in their minds and bodies or to express themselves without the need to conform to rules, attract praise and mould their creativity to a prescribed approach.  Be You Living allows your child to freely explore their creativity and inner world.  

We teach

mindfulness practices

how to impove impulses

ways to handle anxiety

tools to focus attention


ways to handle emotions


Creativity as play and adventure

Spontaneous self expression

Removal of pressure to perform

Respect of each child's needs

Development of self-acceptance

Mindfulness practices

Development of self-awareness

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Art2Heart Classes

Art2Heart is a term based program consisting of 8 weekly classes where children experience mindfulness-based art to freely explore their creativity. In a safe and nurturing environment they learn to listen, trust, respond and take risks while creating art.  Children learn to inhabit their feelings and explore their inner and outer worlds.  When stimulated, creativity reaches every aspect of children's lives developing their full potential as they navigate through life.


Who:      5 - 12 year olds

Runs:      Every term 

When:    Fridays, 4.00pm - 5.00pm

Length:  8 weeks 

Starts:    Term 3, 22nd July

At:          Hampton Community Centre

              14 Willis Street, Hampton


Price:     $200

Full payment is required to confirm your child's enrolment and prior to your child attending
the program.


Mindfulness and meditation practice

Increased self-acceptance

Ways to improve attention

Learning how to cultivate gratitude

Ways to handle emotions

Cultivate self love and care

Connection of mind-body-heart 


BYL Mindfulness + MeditationClasses

BYL Mindfulness + Meditation classes are a term based program consisting of 8 weekly classes where children experience creative practices and age appropriate games.  They will learn to be more present, improve concentration, sleep better and improve EI giving the advantageous skills very few children cultivate from a young age.
They have this precious time to be still in their minds and bodies, allowing space and time to be ready for the busy world outside.


Who:      Grade 3 to Grade 6 students (for EPS students only)

Runs:      Every term

When:    Wednesday's, 3.45pm - 5.00pm

Length:   8 weeks


Starts:    Term 320th July

At:         Elwood Primary School (Library)

             49 Scott St, Elwood

Price:     $200

Full payment is required to confirm your child's enrolment and prior to your child attending
the program.


An introduction to mindfulness & meditation

Understanding stress & strategies
to handle stress & big emotions

We will create a mindfulness tool
(art activity) together

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Meditate + Create

School Holiday Workshops

Introduce your child to the empowering life skills of mindfulness, meditation and mindfulness-based art. 


Through creative, fun games, art activities and practices your child will learn to calmly and authentically navigate their inner and outer worlds with confidence, resilience and a growth mindset.



Mentone Grammar School

Who:     Foundation to year 4 students (for MGS students only)

Runs:     Every school holidays

When:    5th July

At:          Mentone Grammar School, at Eblana Art Room.

              63 Venice St, Mentone.

Price:     $120

Hampton Community Centre


Who:     6 - 12 year olds

Runs:     Every school holidays


When:     7th July


At:          Hampton Community Centre, 

              14 Willis Street, Hampton.


Price:     $120

Please specify on enrolment form which workshop your child will be attending.

Full payment is required to confirm your child's enrolment and prior to your child attending
the workshop.

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Your child will be truly heard

Incorporating positive psychology

Respect individual needs

art practices

Learn new life skills to handle stress, big emotions and navigate life in a healthy way so you can thrive

Mindfulness practices

Action orientated solutions

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1:1 Sessions - in person or via Zoom

Private 1:1 sessions based on the Holistic Counselling approach incorporating mindfulness practices and strategies and will be customised based on your child's needs.


Holistic Counselling is a type of counselling which focuses on the person in their whole experience. The approach considers both the psychological and physiological. Rather than treating the symptoms, Holistic Counselling looks deeper and works towards uncovering underlying causes as it views the mind, body and spirit as an interconnected whole.


1 x 30 minute session:      $75

1 x 60 minute session:      $150

For pricing for further options including session packs or to gather a group of like minded friends together for a shared experience - contact Angela to discuss.

Full payment is required please after your 1:1 session.


For a confidential discussion about your child's needs, please get in contact.

"Angela is a wonderful teacher and guiding light. My two children (7 & 8yrs) loved their mindfulness classes with Angela. She created such a warm and loving space that they both looked forward to each week."

— Julie

our mission

Be You Living is on a mission to educate children and individuals to develop their toolkit of powerful personal life skills so they can realise their potential and authentically navigate through life. We do this through integrated school programs, after school programs, 1:1 sessions and group sessions.