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About us


Our purpose is to equip our participants with life-tools that enable them to fully express their unique selves in order to make their mark on the world and the people around them.


Starting with children yet also supporting adults, our work enables individuals to realise their potential and authentically navigate through life harnessing awareness, creativity and self-acceptance.


Operating from Bayside in Melbourne, we offer:

  • Mindfulness classes

  • Meditation classes

  • Mindfulness-based art classes

  • Programs for schools

  • 1:1 Holistic counselling

  • 1:1 Mindfulness and meditation sessions


  • We operate through intuition not rules

  • We offer gentle guidance not judgement

  • We encourage self-discovery not authority

  • We use laughter and playfulness

  • We cultivate creativity through stillness and openness

  • We remove labels and generate possibility

Meet Angela 

Meet Angela

"It truly is an honour and privilege to witness people practising these life skills that lovingly support the emergence of infinite possibilities within themselves so they can flourish and live the full expression of themselves."


Founder & Director, Be You Living

Dip. Arts. Cert Intuitive Painting Process, Cert. Meditation Teaching, Holistic Counselling, Chair Yoga, Dip Meditation Therapy.

As a qualified mindfulness, meditation, mindfulness-based art educator and Holistic counsellor, Angela combines her training and passion for people to support all sectors of the community, especially our youth, by sharing the life skills and tools learned over her lifetime.  For over 15 years she has facilitated workshops throughout schools and the local community complementing her holistic counselling private practice.  

Angela's curiosity and innate desire to create led to a career as a Graphic designer, which provided a creative foundation for her work in mindfulness-based art.

After years of working in the industry as a designer and feeling less inspired being bound by briefs and deadlines, Angela became curious and began her creative journey of self-discovery.

This journey led her to discover creative freedom and expression in Intuitive painting, also known as process painting.  Whilst exploring and practising other modalities of the mind, body and heart. 

The pilot light inside her heart was now ablaze with passion and the desire to create as a newfound connection to a deep wisdom, knowing and a self-healing capacity had been discovered. 

Enhancing this passion with further education and work in the field of mindfulness and  meditation allowed the necessary stillness and awareness to access her authentic creative voice.    Holistic counselling was a natural next step to diver deeper and explore her whole being: mind, body, soul. 


Now Angela uses her collective experience to support individuals to develop their own powerful personal life skills, inspired by supporting them in the realisation of their potential and helping them navigate through life in a calmer, more present, authentic and connected way.

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