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Life mirrors art & art mirrors life

When you create let go of judgement, meaning (attachment and stories)

and control. Create space to freely express, be in flow and in the zone.

The “happy” joyful place where time and space do not exist. Where you can just BE.

A space where you re-connect, re-member who you are (which changes in each moment) and why you are here.

The intuitive creative process peels back the layers of who you think you are and how you live which can be both terrifying and exhilarating. It is the portal into knowing, be-friending your true self in the moment. Knowing yourself inside and out with some surprises along the way. It is the compass which leads to joy and lights up your heart, or depletes your energy and what can drive your choices and behaviours. Letting go of fear and being brave and vulnerable to show up for yourself in this one and only life you get to create is a gift. To share your gifts, the full expression of yourself with others, to inspire or touch someone’s heart I believe is why we are here. There is nothing more powerful than love, human connection, belonging and acceptance. Practice listening to your inner voice and trust that your heart already knows the way. Choose to respond rather than react to life by tuning into the rhythms of your heart.

Let your intuition navigate. Your practices are your tools and brushes, how you live is your art and your life is your masterpiece. Each moment life creates an opportunity for you to return to yourself, to fill yourself up so you don’t seek anything outside of yourself to define you. YOU took your first breath and YOU will take your last. Only you know you as well as you do. You choose You create Be You!


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