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Be You Living Toolkit No:3 Mindfulness Practice No:5 S.T.O.P - T.H.I.N.K - R.A.I.N Acronyms

Acronyms are easy tools to remember for bringing awareness and compassion to emotional difficulty or when you need to tune into the moment.

You can explore these acronym's as a meditation or whenever challenging feelings arise.

S.T.O.P Acronym

S - Stop

T - Take a breath

O - Observe what you are feeling (emotionally & physically)thinking nonjudgmentally

P - Proceed with kindness and compassion towards yourself and others

Notice the quality of your conversations, are you gossiping? Is it kind, true?

T.H.I.N.K Acronym

T - Is it True?

H - Is it Helpful?

I - Is it Inspiring?

N - Is it Necessary?

K - Is it Kind?

A wonderful acronym to remind you how to deal with uncomfortable emotions.

Continue with check ins but not over analyse or aim to get it right. Simply tune in to where you are in the moment, even when feeling discomfort.

You know it will pass if you self soothe and breathe through it.

R.A.I.N Acronym

R - Recognise what is happening

A - Allow the experience to be there,just as it is

I - Investigate with interest and care

N - Nurture with self-compassion


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