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Be You Living Toolkit No:3 Mindfulness Practice No:3 5 Senses Meditation

The 5 Senses - Seeing, Hearing, Smelling, Touching and Taste - represent our earliest sensory experiences. More often than not we don't tune into what these senses are telling us. We can become dulled by the constant distractions in life. The 5 Senses meditation is an effective practice for calming the mind and grounding yourself by tuning into your senses and your body in the present. This practice can be used to calm the anxious and stressed mind, or simply as a means of appreciating the here and now.

Take a few gentle deep breaths to relax.

1. See. Identify five things you can see. Look around you and become aware of your environment. Try to choose something you don't usually notice.


2. Hear. Identify four things you can hear. Listen for sounds surrounding you inside and outside.


3. Feel. Identify three things you can feel. Bring your attention to what you are feeling in emotionally and within your body. Feel the texture of your clothing or your skin.


3. Smell. Identify two things you can smell. Bring your attention to the scents in around you, inside and outside.


4.Taste. Identify one thing you can taste. Notice the taste in your mouth


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