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Be You Living Toolkit No1: Positive Mindful Turnarounds

Remember to PAUSE and practice self awareness by being mindful

of your thoughts, the words you speak, what you choose to focus on, who you choose to spend time with and what actions you choose to take.

Use Positive Mindful Turnarounds because what we think determines how we feel, our behaviours and reality.

Wise words from Danielle La Porte.

• "I'm not in the midst of a pandemic, I'm contributing to world wellness".

• "We are not in lock-down or quarantine, we are retreating for wellness".

• "I'm not in fear, I'm in my power".

• "I'm not in isolation, I'm protecting my health".

• "I'm not socially distancing, I'm physically distancing".

• "I'm acting in faith and I'm backing my faith with positive action of retreating for wellness".

• "It's not that we will get through this, it's we are getting through this".


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