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Be You Living Toolkit No:3 Mindfulness Practice No:4 Progressive Muscle Relaxation Meditation

Progressive muscle relaxation meditation is a practice that helps you release the tension you're holding in your body so you feel more relaxed and calm.

In this technique, you move through one muscle group at a time breathing in as you tense a muscle group and breathing out as you release it.

1. Lie comfortably on the floor or sit in a chair.

2. Take a few deep breaths to relax.

3. Breathe in. Tense the muscles of your feet.

4. Breathe out. Release the tension in your feet.

5. Breathe in. Tense your calf muscles.

6. Breathe out. Release the tension in your calves.

7. Work your way up your body. Tense each muscle group.

This includes your legs, belly, chest, fingers, arms, shoulders, neck, and face.

You can finally tense all the muscles in your body on the in breath and release on the out breath. Repeat this as slowing and as many times during the meditation.


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